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  1. Oak Tree, These were store front sales, meaning we had boxes of fundraiser candy that we sold in front of stores such as Walmart in two hour shifts. The parents and scouts would earn an hourly rate for the hours they sold (after the sale is over the profit of all candy sold divided by all hours worked, gave an hourly rate). So each shift would have an envelope they should have been keeping the money in. In the past that envelope would be sealed and signed by the shift, turned in to the person running the event, and then that person would turn it over to the CC and the CC and the treasurer or
  2. Wow...Is all I can say to some of the replies, the Compassion, Positive Attitude and Respect that has been given to my by a few of the responders in this post! Thank you to those of you who responded without blaming me for a situation that I actually DID NOT create. It is how the pack ran things when I became CC and I just followed through. I did not ask for this man to refuse to give me the information, in fact after the first weekend when he first refused I did tell him that I didn't think it was a good idea that he continue running the event and that he should hand things over to me
  3. LisaBob, As I said we did inform him however he stated he would do it the way he wanted to do it no matter how it was done in the past. Our treasurer is hard to get ahold of also, and she is not very happy to have the position, I am also on the bank account because we need two people, so that is why I asked him for the money so I could deposit it. He really had no need to open a seperate account, I had offered all along to collect it and deposit it. I was frustrated with his lack of sharing the information so I stepped back because I just didn't want to deal with another problem from h
  4. I asked if it was legal because a parent asked me, I had no clue. Him opening a bank account in his personal name and depositing fundraising money in it is in truth strange. As for pushing him into handling this fundraiser, it was something the committee voted on years ago that each den leader handle an event, (ie pinewood, popcorn sales, spring candy sales, etc.) they chose the candy sales as the Tigers event since it is the last one and they would have a full year of being in the pack before running an event. He was not pushed into it because as I tell everyone if they do not want to run i
  5. We do a spring candy sale fundraiser to build up money for the scouts own accounts to help pay for resident camps and such. Every year we ask the Tiger leader to run the fundraiser (each leader has a different event that they run each year since we have such a hard time getting volunteers) This year, this particular gentleman refused to share information with me, saying that he is in charge of it this year and will run it the way he wants and that he doesn't care how it has been run in the past. I then found out that he also opened up a bank account (seperate from the one the pack has and
  6. Moose, Honestly no the webinar did not explain how to make the core values fun and exciting. I have in the past gone to baloo's bugle to get ideas to plan my pack nights and I am kind of hoping that the person that creates baloo's bugle will incorporate the new delivery method into the bugle because as of right now I just do not have ideas. It was asked what happens when we have special events i.e. pinewood, raingutter regatta and such. They said that we should and could still fit in that months core value into our event. It is going to be interesting figuring out how to plan pack nights aro
  7. The new delivery method has basically all your den meetings planned out for you. It says that it is flexable and you can move them around, so you probably can plan your own instead of working off of them. The main thing is that they want all boys at all levels to rank up at the same pace and to all get their ranks by a february blue and gold. The themed arts and crafts months are gone and now the months are dedicated to each of the 12 core values.
  8. You know what? I did not go through the book with the meetings, I just looked and saw that there were 16 meeting plans and assumed that the rank was completed with the 16th meeting, not earlier. I had not had a chance to actually go through the book and the meeting plans together. Thanks for pointing that out, it makes more sense now.
  9. So what does everyone think of the new delivery method? Awesome? Hate it? Okay? My one question (I did not get an answer at the webinar because we ran out of time unfortunately) is how can you get the den meetings done by February if you do two meetings a month starting in September? I was looking specifically at the Bear meetings and I think you can only get the main meetings that get you to rank done by February if you start in June and do two meetings a month. You would be done in the second week of January doing this. The only way I see it being done is if you actually did three meetings
  10. To those that say that this is a program for the boys just let them have the award I ask then, well what is the point in having the program? If they don't have to actually do the work to receive the rank why is there a book at all with acheivements. If parents can just sign off that a child did something when you know the chances are nil why have the 10 purposes of scouting? If there is no inforcement that the program be run a certain way, why have the program? Why not just have kids show up once a month and just hand them out awards for just showing up once a month? Or just have them show up
  11. Thank you all for your replies. First off I am the committee chair, I am also the wolf leader, and the advancement chair, my husband is the cubmaster. I have seen other posts here where someone who hold more than one position gets blasted and told how that is wrong, but let me assure you that our council is well aware of our situation, have been to pack nights, blue and golds and pinewood derbies, along with leader meetings to help us try to pull in more volunteers. Our parents just won't step up. I took over com. chair because the last one had to leave, and I can't get anyone to step up. This
  12. I have no problem giving the boy the wolf rank, even though the rest of the den and the rest of the parents have pointed out that he does not attend anything. I don't want to hurt the boys feelings. It is the dad (who is the bear leader) that I wish I knew how to deal with. I do not believe that the wolf did the requirements at bear meetings. I awarded the boy his tiger badge because our commisioner told me that we could not hold advancement from a boy and that hopefully this year would be better. Unfortunately it has not. I had not watched the webinar yet (scheduled to do so tomorrow) so if i
  13. I know it would seem that it should be as easy as just saying no, but I can't seem to get a straight answer from our council, some people say its not right to hold a badge away from a child and that we should just give the badge to the child, others say check the book and see if the dad signed off everything in the book, but lets face it the dad could sign off the book even if the child did not do the acheivements. This man is a very forceful and pushy man and makes people feel uncomfortable. Its hard to know how to handle it when there really is no written guideline that says "a boy must atte
  14. Hi, I would like other people's opinions on this topic... We have a den leader that has two boys in the pack, boy #1 is currently a bear and boy #2 is a wolf. Originally when he was signing up boy #1 as a tiger he wanted us to let him sign up boy #2 as a tiger too even though he was too young still. We told him we could not do that. During boy #2's tiger year he only came to one or two meetings but the leader insisted that he went to all of the Wolf meetings and made his requirements and insisted he get his tiger badge. Now in the second year the boy again only went to 2 wolf meetings, 1 wol
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