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  1. Llwyn, I was aking about raising money, just trying to get ideas about money without dipping into Lodge Operating money. I see these as 2 very different budget items.
  2. Our Council does not have Camperships, but have Workerships, where the Scout can do community service in exchange for financial help. The OA in every Council must give an FOS donation of $1000 (suggested amount) to the local Council FOS in order to receive Quality Lodge status. I take it your Lodge does not achieve Quality status...? We actually give in excess of $1000 as the Council support staff (secretaries) input all OA data, keeps registration data for all fellowships and conclaves, and handles all paperwork. This is, in my opinion, a BIG faux-pas, as that is why we have secretaries and treasurers in the Lodge. The OA does not have any control, nor do they have any information, as the membership data is not made available, except to the Lodge Adviser and myself, for Youth Protection issues. I think there should be a way we can work around that, by possibly eliminating addresses from information that is disseminated to Chapter officers, and Committee Chairs and Advisers. I like the Trading Post at District functions idea...we did that in my former Council, but things are different here. We, in essence have (2) staff advisers, myself and the ASE. Seems a waste of time for myself if he is between myself and the SE, but that is the edict.
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    Great answer. Program is the key factor to many problems. Boys have great ideas if we listen.
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    I would probably say that the Scout Executive (SE, there is no CE position) was probably frustrated by lack of attendance by more than just your unit. Our Council issues a calendar for 18 months, not just 12 months, so that units can plan accordingly. I also have a problem when we as professionals (I am a District Director in a large District of 4800 youth and 130 units) tend to base our opinions on ATTENDANCE (read...numbers) rather than PROGRAM. If you build a good program, then they will come. If the program needs enhancement, then don't be surprised by attendance. I always try to look at program first before attendance, but then again, I was a volunteer leader until I joined the profession 6 years ago, and do not look at the Scouting profession in the same perspective as other who were not Scouts or leaders before joining the profession. The same holds true for Boy Scout Resident Camp, Day Camps, etc. If your camp attendance has fallen off, you should look to (1) program, then (2) facilities, then (3) leadership, and (4)timing of notification of these events. Scout Executives has an enormous burden to the Executive Board to show growth in most areas of Scouting, whether it be attendance at events, financial growth, and membership growth. It could be that several events have been losing attendance.
  6. I am having a bit of a problem trying to get our Assistant Scout Executive to allow the OA to raise money for various projects...NOAC, FOS, Capital Campaign, etc. He just wants the OA to be quiet and stay in the background. I am a professional Scouter and the Lodge Staff Adviser. How do you all raise money for the OA?