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  1. We buy bagged mulch (2 cu.ft.) from a manufacturer/retailer in the area by the truckload. We sell by mailing letters to prior customers and passing out flyers to gain new business. We deliver the mulch using trucks owned by parents and some that are rented. Free delivery is our main selling point. Lots of folks need mulch, but hate to move it in their cars. This year will be our 14th year selling mulch. It takes A LOT of work to pull off this type of fundraiser, many other groups (troops and others) have tried mulch sales and quit after a year or two, but with the right planning it can be
  2. We sell mulch and luminaria kits, but the we are looking to dump to luminaria sale as it has turned into too much work for too little money. Our mulch sale, on the other hand, has increased in profit each year.
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