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  1. Both are good suggestions. I believe it may be prudent to try the YP video first for the whole crew, since that should probably be done anyway. We do have a female adviser on all of our trips, but it is an ever-changing roster (a couple per year), as we have not managed to nail down a permanent female adviser, yet. As such, our girls don't have time to get to know a female adviser. We have just started a new school year, with two new advisers, so hopefully, we will get to the point where at least one (if not both) could talk to the girls if method #1 doesn't appear to work.
  2. I am a 26 year old male venture crew adviser with a co-ed crew. Currently, the crew consists solely of high school students. The potential sticky situation that I referenced in the topic title is that some of the girls in the crew seem to have taken an unhealthy interest in me, to such an obvious extent that a buddy of mine who was on his first trip with the crew recently brought it up on the way back from the trip. I attempt to subtly discourage them, but that doesn't seem to be making a difference. Am I being paranoid, am I reacting just right, or should I make it abundantly clear that t
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