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  1. When I originally registered my account on here and created a website for the Pack we were in, I listed our unit to show up under the "Scout Units on the Web". Since then, our Pack has changed, leadership moved, but the CO kept the Pack and now has a new Pack # and a couple of changes need to be made. My problem is I've tried to send a request to scouter.com for guidance and after a couple of attempts, still haven't heard back from anyone! What can I do to get a unit listing and my account name changed????? I would greatly appreciate a moderator that can advise, or someone that can modify listings on this website to please e-mail me. Sorry if this isn't the right forum to post this, but I'm at a loss of what else to do.
  2. recently, several leaders of an existing Cub Scout Pack, voted to leave their Chartered organization, and moved from one Church to another local church. However, at least a couple of registered leaders that were in that Pack and members of this existing church, and the COR voted to try to keep a Pack at said Church. The majority of leaders that wanted to move, were told to by DE to go ahead and needed to change locations with about a month left in the school year, but existing CO would retain tenure status in the council. The former leaders that moved, took all supplies and funds with them to the other CO. The existing CO is now making plans with the few leaders that wanted to stay with additional leadership to get rolling again. My question that some wanted some help with, who rightfully owns the supplies and funds that were originally with last years unit? And can anyone provide BSA policy links to prove it? YIS... Cookie
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    summer camps for Louisiana Troops??

    Camp Yocona about 45 minutes West of Tupelo, in northeast MS. Our camp recently went thru a major renovation that saw new cabins, bath houses, the lake enlarged almost 3X. Check out www.yocona.org about dates and activities available, such as on-site COPE course, shooting range, and much more. Look on the Council site for a link to Scouter's with e-mail contact info and look for our Camp Ranger - Dennis Dickey, he can give you lots of info about our camp.
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    Ear Rings

    I guess I'm of the minority on this issue on here, but I agree with the actions of the board member towards this Scout's so called "attire". I guess some of you would eventually defend a lad to wear a skirt and make-up if they wanted... they might as well move on over and start selling cookies instead of popcorn. He should look like a Boy Scout and not a Girl Scout! If it's not in the rules about jewelry, it should be.
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    1st post here, I have several questions...

    EXCELLENT point acco40! I guess, it's because in this thread it was mainly because of my experience with an Eagle Board of Review I had issues with. I do mention to my group of Webelos that they should be mindful of the Scouting way everyday, and in all that they do. We are guilty often of pointing out the Eagles, but that's mainly because they are suppose to be the top of the Boy Scouts ranks, kinda like most of the focus is on the President of the United States, and not as much as all of the politicians and how they act daily, we just seem to single out the ones at the top in society I s'pose. Thanks for bringing that up tho, we should emphasis to all Scouts, of all ranks to live the Scout Law in their daily lives.
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    1st post here, I have several questions...

    requirements for other Boy Scouts in our future Troop all inclusively, but that won't keep myself and other concerned parents from making sure that our boys spend the proper length of time and in a timely manner finishing the requirements before advancing to such a prestigeous position in Scouting. I do not believe that the EBOR that I sat in on was any practice, but in fact, everyone involved was told and proceeded as the actual final review. As a matter of fact, the parents and Troop made a big deal out of the event with a reception dinner afterwards as a "Thank You for you time and participation" deal gathering immediately after the 4 Eagle reviews. I'm sad to say, that after reading some of the replies here, is that our Scoutmaster and district representatives need to be aware of changes that need to be made in their future formats and qualifications, that's for sure! I'm sad to say that it looks like our Troop is more interested of late of just pushing their candidates on into the Eagle rank without thoroughly making sure that boy is honestly qualified to do so, not just by awards he's "earned" but by the moral and mature standards an Eagle is suppose to represent as well, and not just because his "friends" in the Troop have signed everything off for him. Please understand, just because I don't think these few boys that just were "given" their Eagle rank at this young age, doesn't mean that I am not judging them that they would never be deserving of the award, I'm just saying that these are examples of why I disagree with the lack of tenure specific requirements that used to be in place, and the need of more checks and balances in the Troops and district levels. It's just that when I think of a boy the is an Eagle Scout, I think of one that is an example of outstanding character, and maturity, and not simply a boy that's done the projects without living daily by the Scout Law and other Scout principles. That Is what I'm embarrased by in all of this and have a bad taste about that is driving me to learn more and try to do what I can to correct an obvious problem in this particular Troop. Hopefully, this situation is limited to very few groups, but I'm afraid it happens more than some know. Thanks all for your feedback, and resources! I appreciate all the assistance, and look forward to learning more thanks to the support of each of you and the many other concerned Scouters out there!
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    1st post here, I have several questions...

    Oh yeah, and the answer you gave about how long to get to Eagle, "Remember, it's not a race."... That's EXACTLY my point! :-) Here's the post I had started to post in the beginning, but wanted to submit the other questions 1st..... After a recent Den meeting, myself and another Cub Scout leader and a Cub Scout parent were asked by one of our big brother Boy Scout Troop leaders to stay and fill in for an Eagle Board of Review of which some that were invited couldn't attend. I was surprised, never being asked to do one of these before or knowing the specifics, but we decided to stay and assist. This particular night, 4 Boy Scouts were going before the boards, there were 12 adults in attendance. I know that our parent that stayed from the Cub Scout ranks was an Eagle Scout himself. Here's where I need some understanding and guidance. Of the 12 adults gathered, a couple were teachers, a band director, family or friends and those of us from Cub Scouts. Each Boy Scout had 3 adults assigned to him with instructions to take a BOR question notebook to base our questions upon or just ask anything we felt like asking to see if the Scout was ready for the rank of Eagle Scout. 4 reviews all held at the same time this particular night in seperate rooms. My group included this Scout's best friends mother, and another lady I had no idea what her relation was or any civic position. Neither of the two ladies had any "Scouting" knowledge as far as I could tell, and basically asked all of their questions from this little book. This particular Scout was 17 years old, and was mature and ready and prepared as far as I could tell. The other Scouts that night were 13 and 14 years old. These 3 younger Scouts all had parents that were ASM's and older brothers that had all earned their Eagle from within this particular Troop. My concern is that these boys had lacked in my eyes (along with a few other parents) as far as showing maturity and any quality leadership skills. After speaking to the adult that was an Eagle Scout, it didn't seem like the board participants selected (from my understanding, the boys up for review submitted the names of the people there to serve on the EBOR!) were of the quality required for this level of advancement for an Eagle rank. Granted, I understand the program and requirements have changed from the past when one did good to earn his Eagle at, or just before his 18th birthday, but I am of the belief that a 13 (or 14 for that fact) year old isn't mature enuff to be an Eagle. Sure, they've done all of the MB's to qualify them, but I see an Eagle as one that sets himself above the rest, and he's different than your typical Scouter. I'm sad to say that at least 2 of the 4 that night were too young and were rushed thru the Boy Scout program and the Eagle rank is becoming too watered down. In fact, those leaders and parents that are moving up to the Troop over the next couple of years are considering discussing with the SM about the timing of advancements of ranks. SURELY it is required more of a Boy Scout than to serve some 2 or 3 years to earn the rank of Eagle! One parent went as far as to say that if this is what Scouting has come to, he's not seeing the justification of trying to keep his 2 boys in the program if they find something else to do instead. And I must agree, I was extrememly disappointed after going thru this process. I see Scouts that are troublemakers, backtalk their parents, and very immature that are now walking around as Eagle Scouts, and it is tarnishing the program IMHO. Some of you may disagree with my views, but for me and several parents of the Scouts moving up in the next year or so, we're holding out until at least the age of 15 to allow our boys application to Eagle ranking if they're even ready by that point. I am thankful that there have been some very qualified and tremendous young men that I do know that have become Eagles out of this very same Troop, and those are the ones that I'm very proud to be associated with. But if my memory serves me correctly on most of them, they were 16 or 17 before they all earned their Eagles. Is there not more strenuous guidelines for EBOR participants other than the mother of your best friend participating? Do the boys get to choose who sits on their board? Is there not requirements for each rank that requires a specific tenure that the cumulative time is no more than 2 years to earn this rank? I'm sorry, but if that's all there is to it, to many of us, the idea of an Eagle rank is sadly diminishing in stature. I am eager to read thru the Boy Scout manual, and the advancement program manuals to see what requirements if any are and how they compare to these boys I've witnessed advance. If they have been pushed thru undeservedly, hopefully we will gain a new advancement officer quickly and these boys can get back on the proper track and actually grow like they need to, instead of just getting the "paperwork part" done. I've even met recently with a person in charge of approving advancements and Eagle projects in our district, and even he made a point I never thought about.... "Just because a Scout goes thru the program, doesn't mean he's qualified to be an Eagle Scout." The thinking about this goes along with the thought that just because a person goes thru med school, doesn't make him a Dr. does it? I'm very proud of Scouting, not just for what it means to me or my son, but I just don't want to see it weakened any further to those yet to go thru the program. Thank you and sorry for the long babble session! :-)
  8. I've been reading on here a little from time to time, so I thought this would be a good place to try to get some answers. Let me preface this inquiry with my Scout knowledge and Scouting tenure. I have been a Cub Scout leader for 3 years, I have a son that is in Webelos (joined as a Tiger Cub) and two nephews that have earned their Eagle rank, and I am a recently beaded Wood Badge member. As Webelos leaders, we have been introducing the Den to the Boy Scout Oath, Moto, Law, etc. As a leader that will be moving into the Troop with my son next year, and due to some recent Boy Scout events I've participated in recently, I need to ask a few things as far as policies and procedures etc. in the Boy Scout level. Granted, in the Cub Scouts, there are ages and timeframes the boys must reach before moving to another level and rank, is this true for Boy Scouts? I get conflicting reports on this. I'll explain more in detail why I ask this later, but for now, here's a few areas I need some feedback on... Is a Boy Scout required to stay at a certain rank for any set amount of time? (Tenderfoot for ? months, 1st class for ? months?, etc) What is the minimum number of years and months a Boy Scout has to participate as a Boy Scout before he can earn the rank of Eagle? What levels of leadership, and how long in leadership roles, is a Boy Scout required to serve at any level to qualify towards earning his Eagle? What is the required (or recommended) number of, and qualifications for those adults serving on any particular Eagle Board of review? What is the difference in those serving on Merit Badge Board of Review compared to Eagle Board of Review? Is it ok for a Cub Scout or Boy Scout to wear a bolo tie instead of the neckerchief and slide, if so, is there times the bolo is not appropriate? (I assume any time the uniform is worn, either the bolo tie or neckerchief is required uniform attire?) Is the bolo tie just for Scout Leaders? Who has the final say on when a Boy Scout is ready to submit for the Eagle rank... Scoutmaster, parent, or other person? Once earned, can the Eagle rank, or any other Boy Scout rank be taken back from a Scout due to inappropriate actions, or any other form of discipline? Thanks.