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  1. When I originally registered my account on here and created a website for the Pack we were in, I listed our unit to show up under the "Scout Units on the Web". Since then, our Pack has changed, leadership moved, but the CO kept the Pack and now has a new Pack # and a couple of changes need to be made. My problem is I've tried to send a request to scouter.com for guidance and after a couple of attempts, still haven't heard back from anyone! What can I do to get a unit listing and my account name changed????? I would greatly appreciate a moderator that can advise, or someone that can
  2. recently, several leaders of an existing Cub Scout Pack, voted to leave their Chartered organization, and moved from one Church to another local church. However, at least a couple of registered leaders that were in that Pack and members of this existing church, and the COR voted to try to keep a Pack at said Church. The majority of leaders that wanted to move, were told to by DE to go ahead and needed to change locations with about a month left in the school year, but existing CO would retain tenure status in the council. The former leaders that moved, took all supplies and funds with them to
  3. Camp Yocona about 45 minutes West of Tupelo, in northeast MS. Our camp recently went thru a major renovation that saw new cabins, bath houses, the lake enlarged almost 3X. Check out www.yocona.org about dates and activities available, such as on-site COPE course, shooting range, and much more. Look on the Council site for a link to Scouter's with e-mail contact info and look for our Camp Ranger - Dennis Dickey, he can give you lots of info about our camp.
  4. I guess I'm of the minority on this issue on here, but I agree with the actions of the board member towards this Scout's so called "attire". I guess some of you would eventually defend a lad to wear a skirt and make-up if they wanted... they might as well move on over and start selling cookies instead of popcorn. He should look like a Boy Scout and not a Girl Scout! If it's not in the rules about jewelry, it should be.
  5. EXCELLENT point acco40! I guess, it's because in this thread it was mainly because of my experience with an Eagle Board of Review I had issues with. I do mention to my group of Webelos that they should be mindful of the Scouting way everyday, and in all that they do. We are guilty often of pointing out the Eagles, but that's mainly because they are suppose to be the top of the Boy Scouts ranks, kinda like most of the focus is on the President of the United States, and not as much as all of the politicians and how they act daily, we just seem to single out the ones at the top in society I s'pos
  6. requirements for other Boy Scouts in our future Troop all inclusively, but that won't keep myself and other concerned parents from making sure that our boys spend the proper length of time and in a timely manner finishing the requirements before advancing to such a prestigeous position in Scouting. I do not believe that the EBOR that I sat in on was any practice, but in fact, everyone involved was told and proceeded as the actual final review. As a matter of fact, the parents and Troop made a big deal out of the event with a reception dinner afterwards as a "Thank You for you time and pa
  7. Oh yeah, and the answer you gave about how long to get to Eagle, "Remember, it's not a race."... That's EXACTLY my point! :-) Here's the post I had started to post in the beginning, but wanted to submit the other questions 1st..... After a recent Den meeting, myself and another Cub Scout leader and a Cub Scout parent were asked by one of our big brother Boy Scout Troop leaders to stay and fill in for an Eagle Board of Review of which some that were invited couldn't attend. I was surprised, never being asked to do one of these before or knowing the specifics, but we decided to stay a
  8. I've been reading on here a little from time to time, so I thought this would be a good place to try to get some answers. Let me preface this inquiry with my Scout knowledge and Scouting tenure. I have been a Cub Scout leader for 3 years, I have a son that is in Webelos (joined as a Tiger Cub) and two nephews that have earned their Eagle rank, and I am a recently beaded Wood Badge member. As Webelos leaders, we have been introducing the Den to the Boy Scout Oath, Moto, Law, etc. As a leader that will be moving into the Troop with my son next year, and due to some recent Boy Scout events I
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