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  1. Thankyou all for helping, This is how I am trying to handle the situation but am still getting resistance, and yes Lisabob they are newer crossover parents. I am trying to get them into indoor/outdoor basic. They both helput and are very supportive of the troop. The only other question is BSA policy states that parents can teach family memebers but only in a group setting, should I have how we want to handle this taken to the commitee and then placed in the by laws. I appreaciate the help. This job is certainly harder than the advertised one hour a week.
  2. I have some leaders/parents who feel that requirements for merit badges are completed as long as the boy was in scouting; not when he began working on the merit badge. Also that me as the scoutmaster has no right to approve or disprove of meritbadge workshops universities ect. simply because they have been blessed of by council or district. Also they feel it is ok for them as parents to sign off on merit badge requirements as registered counselors even when BSA policy states they can not unless it is part of a group. Any resources or suggestions to help me out. Opionions or similar experi
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