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  1. Who will "own" this when it's done? We have been told that all scout property belongs to the charter organization, and if they decide, they can close down the troop and distribute the assets. We had an instance where the wrong person was in charge of the organization and wanted to liquidate the scout property (tents, bus, etc.) luckily the charter organization board didn't OK it, but according to our DE all scout property is owned by the Charter and can be districuted as they see fit. We were lucky.
  2. I am looking for some ideas on how to handle the cross-over ceremony with more than one troop. I would like to do this at the last Pack meeting of the year so that younger cubs get a better idea of what "cross-over" is and what to look forward to, however I am finding it difficult to orchestrate the ceremony with only one bridge and more than one troop. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Another web site is www.emf.net/~troop24/reqs/knots.hml
  4. We too had our troop split by someone who wanted to be Scout Master. (our k-12 enrollment is about 800) It has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Our district exec at that time also did nothing to stop the slpit and actually suggested that the split occur. it was like a divorce. Our troop was set back terribly, as most of the kids of the new Scout Master's son's age also left for the new troop. The boys that stayed were literally harassed at school and out in public. There was little we could do. BUT our Scout master did model scout behavior. When rumers flew about what happened...he sim
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