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  1. When I first joined our pack in the early 90's, the Cubmaster told me "If you go through Woodbadge, I will stop talking to you." When I asked why, she said "It's cult". I laughed and walked away. In the early 2000's, our Scoutmaster was promoting Woodbadge and told all of the volunteer's that it was "manditory" we go through Woodbadge. After having been around the block a few times, I questioned him about it. This escalated into a heated arguement on his part, not mine, that left him totally enraged with me and I walked away laughing AGAIN. In 2007, I took Woodbadge in my own counci
  2. I agree with acco40. Recognition should come quickly. The scouts in our troop receive their rank and merit badges soon after completing the requirements. One thing we have done is incorporate a Court of Honor into our Blue & Gold Banquet. Our pack and troop are small so for the cub scouts to see how things work with the troop has given us better retention and honestly, the boy scouts enjoy running the program for the younger scouts. Involvement has increased with both units and the parents have commented numerous times that they enjoy seeing what the older boys are doing as well as t
  3. I am the Committee Chairman for our troop and last night my son had his Eagle Board of Review along with our Scoumasters 4th son. While standing in the church waiting for the B.O.R. to finish, the question was asked "I wonder what family (just biological brothers) has the most Eagle Scouts?" Our Scoutmaster has 4 sons that have achieved Eagle Scout and his 5th and last son is working on his project right now and should finish by years end. Could anyone shed some light on this subject. Thanks.
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