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  1. Sorry you had a rough time at the camperall. I am wondering, was this weekend trip actually planned for ALL aged scouts, or was it planned for BOY SCOUTS and the Cubs were just invited along? We had a similiar experience at a camp we went to as Webelos I. We spent a winter weekend at camp with the Boy Scout troop, and also had a Be Prepared theme. We had 12 different stations set up around the camp. We had a map to find each station and then complete the task at each station. One station had mock accidents set up, with the Cubs as victims. The Boy Scouts were the rescuers. The
  2. hmmm...interesting points Jerry. I guess I'm assuming all districts run their Derbies like we do. Our boys MUST weigh in and race their own cars. After all, it is their car! Parents are not allowed to be in the race areas (we even use our Webelo II boys as 'security' to make sure the cars are not disturbed). Over and over some boys trek from the scale to the "pit" to hot glue on another washer to up their weight to reach the exact gram. After final inspection the only one allowed to touch the car is the scout. He himself must put his car on the track to race, not even the adult work
  3. I agree there is no easy solution to this. But does there really need to be? I think the only realistic answer is to relax and let it be. Encourage the parents to let the boys do the work, and then hope they do. Honestly, I think it bothers the parents more than the boys. We make all the restrictions to keep everyone's car equal, and we have the open race for everyone after the boys race. Other than that we let the boys, big and small, just have fun and we really enjoy seeing the different styles and varieties the adults (mmmm...I mean... the boys) have come up with. The big bo
  4. cc329


    Congrats on your success ms! If we could all say we recruited 50% of the students we'd be thrilled! Whoa...I must be really sheltered! I've been a scout leader now for 5 years and I never realized we had to exclude atheists! Granted, not being able to preform the religious requirements sure hurts your chances of being an Eagle Scout, but at the Cub Scout level, the religious medals are optional. There are several other requirements for each award you can do instead of the religiously based ones.
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