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  1. Gentlemen, Thanks for the information. Both the Fort Steuben Council and Papoukewis Lodge have been absorbed in council re-organizations, and neither still exists. At my age (I was Brotherhood OA in 1965) my time as an active Scouter is coming toward an end. I had intended to put on my old patch to fly the flag in my twilight . I would be nice if the old patch looked a bit spiffier.
  2. Hello All ! I've found my original OA pocket patch from my time as a boy in the Boy Scouts -- Papoukewis Lodge (289) -- Fort Steuben Council. Somewhere over time, it's been machine washed, and then removed from the uniform, and as a result is wrinkled. What is the best way to restore the patch to a new(er) condition?? I'm wanting to wear it on my Class-A uniform.
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