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  1. Thanks for the advice, we are leaving to form a new Pack. I just was keen to find a way for the Scouts to have atleast some of the money for their activities rather than spend time yet again fundraising after a bad year when we have all been waiting to get out. 

    We are thinking of Donating the funds to a Food Bank that we have partnered with, in the name of the Pack. The idea of them usurping such a large amount and not sharing any with us is what's galling. I know they have a right to do it. We would rather take the poison pill of a donation to a food bank , rather than them having a bank account that will never be able to attract Scouts due to their ridiculous Troop rules and entitlement mindset. 

    What do you think of this idea?

  2. Slightly long message.  However grateful for your advice.

    I am the elected CC of my Cub Pack and have been den leader for both my kids dens, and an avid Scouter for the last 7 years .  Four years ago, our same number/ sister Troop split due to issues with newly bridged Cubmaster and den leaders being disallowed from camping trips with Troop for a year after bridging to this troop, among several other un-inclusive practices. (Dunno why they would want to exclude trained and enthusiastic Leaders...but they did, to retain 'control'.)

    The Parents who split off had originally recruited almost our entire Pack so our Pack parents naturally have close connects with them. 

    We are also the largest and most active Pack in our District with around 40 Cubs. 

    Over the years, our AOLs have chosen to bridge over to this new Troop due to sibling connects and parental comfort. The same happened this year too, following which the CO dismissed me (CC) and our Cubmaster for 'failing to get the Pack to work with the Troop'.  We haven't been doing joint events for a few years. Our sister Troop made no effort to market themselves to our Pack parents either.

    Our sister / same number troop has recruited very few Scouts over the last 4 yrs (average age is now around 15) and their survival is threatened. Our Pack tried to partner with them for a few events, but CO is trying to lay down a 'mandate' that our AOLs must bridge only to this sister Troop. We as parents dont want that and have offered to start a new Pack to eliminate this long conflict, and allow the Troop to 'take back the Pack' and rebuild their CubScout Pipeline. 

    Due to our Packs great fundraising for the last 4-5 years, and lack of outings last year, we have $ 6000 in the bank. We know this technically belongs to the CO. We could have spent it all on the Scouts before we left, but that was not the right thing to do. Our Pack leaders and parents want to conduct ourselves with the highest integrity and live by our Scout values.

    We have politely proposed a split, so that new Pack doesnt have to start fundraising in a Pandemic.      (I am not keen to leave it all behind, as many of our scouts sell popcorn and camp cards door to door. I believe it builds confidence, character, grit to accept rejections, goal orientation and we have recruited a whole lot of Cubs this way.  My son has sold over 1000 each season this way for the last 4 years, he absolutely loves it, but i digress)

    We proposed leaving 1000 in the bank and split the balance 5000 in ratio of leavers to those that stay (subsequently 100% of parents have decided to leave to found new Pack)  We tried asking Council (District Senior Exec) to mediate and get the Troop + CO to do what's in the best interest of Scouting - let us take some money and leave the Pack with goodwill. 

    The mediation is a failure and CO wants to retain all the Packs funds. We know its in their 'right' to do this, but we don't believe its the right thing to do nor in the best interest if Scouting, as we could lose parents who don't want to fundraise at this time and many are dismayed at the way CM and I have been dismissed.

    Communication with Troop and CO is very poor. Single line 'orders' in response to our emails and requests to discuss our proposal or any other they propose. Newly appointed CC and CM are Troop parents with no cubs in the Pack. They haven't even bothered to call a meeting to speak to parents, just want us to hand over the bank account to them immediately. 

    I am personally disheartened that a thriving Pack is being bullied by our CO and dying sister Troop, and Council is not doing enough to retain enthusiastic parents and Scouts.

    What would you suggest in such a situation? 

    Thanks in advance.





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