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  1. Okay guys, went to the BSA office today and turned in our charter and our popcorn money. Whew.........what a load off. Now I can take the time to start closing in on those parents who show an inkling of interest ;-) Thanks for all the help Abbey
  2. Hi again, Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I didn't become CC and CM by choice. No one else would do it. We tried asking for volunteers at pack meeting, personally one on one with other parents, begging, cajoling, pleading you name it we tried it. We have done this only so our pack wouldn't fold. Our last CC had a personal loss and couldn't continue with the position, no one else would step up. So when the pack was on the verge of folding, I volunteered, but I am still actively recruiting someone else for my position. Can't hand over the Blue and Gold to the Webelo leader
  3. Thank you all for suggestions. Some I have tried and some I haven't. I've always had a problem saying no ,which is probably how I ended up coaching my 6 yr old's soccer team even though I knew nothing about soccer. But it turned out to be a rewarding and learning experience. Now with all of your encouragement I don't feel like throwing in the towel just yet. Thanks Again. Abbey
  4. Hello all...Frustrated volunteer here. While I'm not new to cub scouts (my oldest is a bear), I was recently volunteered to be Committee Chair. Our cubmaster moved on to Boy Scouts last year and took most of his commitee with him. My husband was volunteered to be the new cubmaster. While we are trying to do our best, we're still new at leading the pack. Our problem is getting volunteers for just about anything. I said I was committee chair but I'm actually jack of all trades, in addition to the CC, I'm my oldest son's asst. den leader, my youngest son's tiger adult leader, and also had to
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