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  1. Understood. Researched this issue on Scouter.com last night and came to the same conclusion. Either way the Troop shouldn't treat this Scout differently than other Scouts in the Troop, unless some type of special needs dianosis is provided, presumably.
  2. Thanks for the welcome, @qwazse! Thanks for the information re: suspended BoR. I've not had experience with these, but they seem to be a great idea....suspended sounds much better than failed. A quick turn-around time seems like the proper thing to do in these cases. I also believe the adults on the BoR may not have been coached properly on how to elicit responses from unresponsive youth. That should be part of the get-well plan for the Troop going forward. Related to whether the SM discussed this event with the Scout’s Troop CC, I believe the CC at the time (due to other life i
  3. Thanks for your responses, especially @fred8033. I believe there were some trust issues between SM and various committee members prior to the failed BoR event, but that event brought distrust up another level. The Scout in question will soon be appearing before his unit Committee, looking for approval on his Eagle Project. It has been requested by my friend, through the SM that certain committee members should not be allowed to participate in this meeting. (For unit Committee approval, this Troop normally has the Eagle Project presented at a regular Committee meeting, which normally has
  4. I'd appreciate some insights into this situation, and if anything that occured should have been done differently, or is against BSA policies, ambiguous as they are. A friend of mine had a Star Scout in my son's Troop, ready for a Board of Review for Life Rank. This Scout was given the BoR by our Troop Committee as requested. I did not participate personally in the BoR, but was told afterwards by multiple BoR participants that the Scout completely clammed up, and couldn't answer any questions unless the response was along the lines of "I don't know". I believe the Scout likely has signifi
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