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  1. They meet at a local church. His group is Wolf. He had fun at first but it easily gets ruined by how crazy it is in there. What really sucks is that I spent so much on new camping gear for our next trip and now we may give it a break for a while. We may still go on our own camping trips though since he really liked going last year
  2. Thank you I might try that. As of right now it is almost impossible for him to even learn anything due to the kids being out of control.
  3. I've read that there are a lot of kids that get excited at first when they join cub scouts which was the case with my son. Over time though he started pulling the whole, "I hate scouts and don't want to go" routine. Now we are in his 2nd year and I don't know if I should force him. It would be different if he had friends there but it seems in our group that they are all kids with severe issues, zero control and a sheer lack of discipline from the parents. It would be different if only I noticed but when your kid gets in the car and asks what is wrong with the kids in his class makes me
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