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  1. I definitely feel that I want to ensure that no one thinks I went easy on my own kids. It’s nice to have 2 Scouts doing the PF mb at the same time so they can do their pre- and post fitness tests together, and check-ins, too, if they choose. My son started with a friend, so it was convenient for that reason as well as the most recent previous mb counselor wasn’t keeping in touch well.
  2. Well, of course I now see the challenge in counseling my own kid, but I had asked if it was allowed, it is convenient, and it was going great until this issue. I appreciate the baseball-related running exercise. I doubt he’ll buy into it because running = weight loss, but he’s going to have to compromise to meet the requirement. He’ll have to do some cardio in PE so he’ll likely get enough in to improve his mile run time, but he won’t know for sure what activities they’ll be doing in order to incorporate it into his plan. I suppose he can consult his PE teacher. Thank you!
  3. I am new to being a merit badge counselor and my 14-year-old son (my 3rd merit badge Scout) and I have encountered a problem with his fitness plan. The problem is he is so dedicated to a very specific exercise program to help him achieve his goals as a baseball player, specifically to put on weight so he can throw harder/faster while preventing injury to his elbow. He is so serious about this; he does not want to do any aerobic exercise that will compromise his desire (it’s a need in his eyes, which I understand) to gain weight/muscle. He knows cardiovascular fitness is important for lifelon
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