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  1. MattWoodson

    Cub Scout bank account

    I don’t want anything to do with the account honestly. But I have no other leaders besides a committee chair member that used to be a den leader. No treasurer, or anything else covered in the classes I took. I plan meetings. I lead meetings. I buy patches with my own money. I just want the boys to get the most from this experience. I have a committee meeting next week and I will raise my concerns with funds and the account. Thank you for the warning.
  2. MattWoodson

    Cub Scout bank account

    Thank you for the advice. I believe there is a few dollars in the account but not much. Next week is my first committee meeting, so I will ask about it then, but it is likely I will have to open a new one. Again, thank you!
  3. MattWoodson

    Cub Scout bank account

    Hello!! I am the new Cubmaster for my pack. It was disbanded a few years ago, and last year was reactivated. No one seems to have access to the pack bank account, so I am hoping to get some guidance on what steps I could take to get into the account myself. Thank you all!