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  1. Thank you @MattR, @scoutldr, @HelpfulTracks, and @NealOnWheelsfor your responses. I should also add some more info to this search query. 1. My grandfather's full name was technically Charles Willard Fetter Jr. and went by C.W. Fetter Jr., as well as Billy or Bill in place of the C.W. 2. These are things that I DO know about his time in scouts: He earned Eagle Scout (I have his ring but not his medal, certificates, or patch for it) He earned the God and Country religious award (I do NOT have the certificates or medal for it) He attended the 1957 World Scout Ja
  2. Hello All! Since my grandfather Charles Willard "Bill/Billy" Fetter passed away several years ago, I have been trying to discover more about his time in scouting during the 1950's. I have discovered that he achieved Eagle Scout in 1957 while in Troop 32 of Akron, Ohio. Due to a fire, however, the local council of that area is unable to supply me with any information regarding his time, and the troop has also since dissolved. I have only received a few of his scout items from my Grandmother, and would love to at least know about any others that might still be around. So please,
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