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  1. Do you guys have any suggestions for folkloric stories to share as a "cooldown" during a nice campfire? I'm looking for something with Native American or Norse roots, something with a solemn mood. Share what works in your troops!
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    Hello from Eastern Washington

    That makes more sense. Thank you.
  3. Good evening, I'm moth, 20 years old and currently undergoing training to become an ASM for a new troop. I am an Eagle scout and wish to inspire others to follow my path. Here to learn how I may best serve my community.
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    Hello from Eastern Washington

    Keeping YPT in mind, would it be ok if I introduced myself formally to the scouts as a group and they could "ask me anything", if the time permits? I would of course collaborate with the scoutmaster and see how best to come across.
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    Hello from Eastern Washington

    Pointless? how so?
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    Hello from Eastern Washington

    Thank you all. Do any of you have advice for how a newly minted ASM should relate to the scouts? Especially one who's my age. The youngest boys in my troop are nine years younger than me, and the oldest are three years younger, which comparatively isn't a whole lot. Our rearings have much more in common than when you compare the SM's heyday to theirs. I want the boys to see me more as a mentor instead of a friend their age. No doubt I will be a friend to them, but I also need to observe YP at all times, so it isn't the same.