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  1. A Scout is thrifty! Sounds like a great plan. You will want to read (edit - RS) about the two requirements where I noticed changes since she will have to use those updated requirements when ranking up. I have the new book in my hands because the Scout Shops are now selling them, which is a bit earlier than I had hoped. A quick rundown of the changes: All images of Scouts were updated to be girls. Several other photos containing people were changed to use females or are simply different. They still all have the same theme and often very similar poses. Colors behind headers, like
  2. Uniform information and official words about the changes in the handbooks. The boys' handbooks and adult leaders gear might wait until the shops sell out of their current stock. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2019/01/18/details-on-scouts-bsa-uniform-handbook-availability-in-advance-of-feb-1-launch/
  3. Negative. I have no access to that email. I simply talked to someone staffing the Scout Shop.
  4. An email was sent out and the Scout Shops will hold the new Scouts BSA materials (handbooks, shirts, etc.) until February 1st as the official release date.
  5. I've been able to track down the SKUs for those publication numbers. I'm told that "the warehouse has 10,000 copies on order that have not yet been fulfilled." Posting this information here because this is the only place I was able to even find this information. Scouts BSA Handbook for Boys, 14th edition, publication 34462, SKU 648103 Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls, 14th edition, publication 39006, SKU 648768 I see the necessity of the Spanish vs English books. I also agree with the point that there should be a single book. Perhaps it was done in order to make the boys and gir
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