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    Adult Recongnition

    What do some of you do to recongnize leaders as they move on from your unit. Do you only do it for den leaders or cubmasters? Do you do something diffrent for Committee members? plaques? Gift cards? Hardy handshakes?
  2. Damon

    Adult Recongnition

    Thank you everyone for your input.
  3. Damon

    Adult Recongnition

    Lol. I got it. I’m partial to the Parole joke myself.
  4. Damon

    Adult Recongnition

    Sorry. Yes. Like AOL den leaders/committee members whos kids aged out.
  5. Back when I was 19, i took Scoutmaster Fundamentals. On my training sheet it shows S07- The Troop Meeting, S08- Troop Organization, S09- The outdoor Program, Were those the parts of Scoutmaster Fundamentals? I'm assuming S09 was what transitioned into IOLS & BALOO. Am I understanding that correct?