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  1. I really love helping the kids because I want to see them make Eagle someday. But the other leaders are ruining my experience almost to the point that I don't want to be there anymore. I've probably been involved for about 2 months now so I'm still having to relearn things and how everything works, and I have missed a few meetings due to work, but the other leaders just expect me to know exactly where each boy is in their books and where to pick up from. If i missed the past meeting, how am i supposed to know what they have or haven't gone over yet? I've tried to explain this but they just loo
  2. I have been an Eagle Scout since 2015 and I am currently serving in the military. I just got involved as a cub/troop leader close to where I'm stationed and I just have a few questions about some things I don't exactly agree with about the things the other leaders are doing. So I have been away from scouting for around 3 years so I imagine there have need some things that have changed since I was in. So at cub meeting they are teaching the cubs to memorize the scout oath and law and all things to do with scouts. Is that a new thing? Because I can tell the cubs are having quite a hard time wit
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