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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for! I need to read more often. Thanks qwazse!
  2. Of course i asked the parents! They think it is ridiculous to keep this one girl in a den by herself. The only other girls that joined were Tigers, so it makes even less sense to put her in a mixed-rank den. I am actually over the top with communication to my parents. I am just here looking for guidance outside my own pack and council, whom I also asked about all this. This whole discussion is about how I can meet National guidelines and still allow this girl to have a full scouting experience.
  3. These are awesome solutions, and I really appreciate the guidance. I will check with our Scoutmaster on the troop requirements, but i think they will be going co-ed.
  4. This is my first year as a Cubmaster, and my first post here. This looked like a great way to get some advice from some veteran scouts! I am excited to have girls joining our pack this year, but we have hit a small snag. We only have one girl Bear scout, and eleven Boy Bear scouts. This makes it awkward to tell the one scout she has to meet separately with... herself. In these situations, what are you guys doing? We thought of having the boy dens (6 and 5) and girl den all meet together in the same room for most of the meetings. The girl would formally be her own den I guess, but would
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