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  1. So, if that is actual policy to have an adult advisor at the elections, where is that documented in the by-laws or policy? I would like to know this, because if that is the requirement then I know of a lodge who does not enforce that policy of the chapters. Thank you for the insight. On the other point about the nominations of the boys to pick out the best scout, I totally disagree that the election system works. I can show for fact, in many instances, the best scout was not nominated, sometimes due to the scouts parents being involved in the Troop as leaders. I will argue that point until a cow jumps over the moon. So, any debaters willing to take me up on this? I can easily point to the leadership not having a well working troop and having cliques within the troop. Oh, you say, that is not suppose to happen? Yes, amazing how that thought works, as you turn your cheek to the red flags that prove otherwise. Year after year, scouts hear the same saying, "Think back and reflect on your actions as a scout, and see how you can better yourself to be one of the chosen, that stand before you". If that is not condescending, then what is? Just thinking of all the boys that this is being recited to, and wonder how many of those will drop out of scouts because of this one incident. And, what is the percentage of sash and dash scouts, that have no desire to do anything but brag about being in the OA vs. the scouts who really would make a significant contribution to the OA.
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