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  1. Thank you, everyone, for your thoughtful replies. I appreciate all the excellent advice!
  2. Hi all! As of one week ago, I'm the new Cubmaster for our Pack. I thought when I accepted the position that I had a good understanding of what the role would require but in the past week, after much research I've realized I know next to nothing. To clarify, I completed Cubmaster training last year when it seemed like our previous CM's resignation was imminent, though she ended up staying for 10 more months. I've done Wood Badge, BALOO, IOLS, the whole training shebang. I'm even the new Den Leader trainer for our district. But I'm reading a lot about the CM being the heart and sole of the pack and a lot of other things that make me so nervous and overwhelmed. I'm excited and enthusiastic and I want to do my best for these kids and their families, so what advice would you give me for how to be a great CM?
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