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    I earned Eagle in 1983, Brotherhood OA.
  1. OldEagle83

    Coolest Scout Troop Location?

    This is a google maps screencapture of my old scout hut. It was there many years before I was there, and it's still there. No idea when it was built but I'm guessing the 50's. It looks boarded up now but in the 70's and 80's I had such a great time there. I wonder if my picture is still hanging on the wall in there.
  2. OldEagle83

    Coolest Scout Troop Location?

    My old troop had a scout hut and it was really cool to have our own place. The one I'm volunteering with now is in a church but it's a really great troop.
  3. OldEagle83

    Back in scouting

    Thank you!
  4. OldEagle83

    Uniform patches

    Thank you for the replies. I guess I left out a crucial bit of information. All of this was 35 years ago and I am lucky enough to be guiding my girlfriend's son into scouting. I am going to be an active part of his troop. Honestly I wasn't aware that something I earned could be stripped off due to dues, ha ha. Not to worry. I will take Chisos advice and re-register with the new council and pay my dues. I already knew about the eagle knot. I think I actually already have one of those somewhere. Bear with me fellas I'm just getting started and will likely have more questions. Edit to add - On second thought I'm pretty proud of my old lodge and I might just pay my dues there and wear their patch, just to represent ha ha.
  5. OldEagle83

    Uniform patches

    For us old scouts who are getting back involved I have a question... I earned my Eagle and was in my OA lodge in a different council than I am currently volunteering in. For a new uniform, what patches are appropriate? If I wear an OA patch should I get one form my old lodge or am I authorized to wear a different lodge patch for my new council area?
  6. OldEagle83

    Back in scouting

  7. OldEagle83

    Back in scouting

    I earned Eagle 35 years ago and was a brotherhood OA member. I have not been involved in scouting for 35 years but have missed it and reflected on my time in the scouts very often. My girlfriend's 12 year old son just joined a troop and I'm as excited as he is to get involved. I'm here to share my experiences and ask questions about how things have changed in the past 35 years and what to expect as a scouter.