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  1. That all sounds pretty good but how much $$ ? I went on the website and it doesnt list the prices.
  2. I know for some troops the older scouts are expected to be mentors for the younger ones which means chaperoning them to their classes, working on their rank advances, and keeping an eye on them back at camp so they dont get into trouble doing things like fighting or bullying. Now no older scout should expect to have to pay to do this so the troop covers their fees.
  3. Well thats the thing. We just dont do leathercraft very much in everyday life. I wonder how often that kit was used in all those years?
  4. Well look at leatherwork. Come down to it, thats one of the old holdout merit badges. Yes its cool but most of us dont use leather much anymore. Paracord though, as said above, is so versatile. It touches on art, knot tying, weaving, and survival.I'm thinking some of the requirements could be: 1. making a survival bracelet including 10 feet of paracord, a compass, whistle, and firestriker using a solomon or other weave. 2. making a 10 foot fishing line from the inner strands,. 3. making a tent stake fob. 4. wrapping a hatchet, axe, knife, or ax handle in paracord.
  5. Well thats quite an interesting process mentioned. It says over they get 400 ideas a year and take years to make changes. I dont think they have added a new "craft" item in a while. If any of you are curious, my idea for a new merit badge was : Paracord You see I figure the scouts already do something similar, leathercraft, pottery, and basketry. All of which take a basic product like leather, clay, and grass, and use it for different things. Paracord is a very useful product not just in making bracelets but also helpful objects like tent fobs, tent lines, using paracord for r
  6. Hi, I'm new to this forum but have been involved with scouting for several years. Would anyone know the procedure to submit an idea for a new merit badge? Thanks
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