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  1. Thanks all for the quick feedback. It certainly helped. We had a meetup, only the 2nd one, scheduled for yesterday evening to discuss the project. Quite a bit of course correction was achieved. As Oldscout448 brought up, I took a closer look at the BSA safety guidelines. For the scout's age, he is able to use a 'screwdriver (electric)', so that opened up doing assembly for him. In the meeting, I told the scout, I'll wrap up the assembly model (was nearly complete already) and I'll pass on a pdf of the assembly model and an exploded view of the cart. The rest of the piece drawings and determining how much plywood, selecting hardware, is in your wheelhouse, as it is your project. I'm here for assistance and questions when you have them. Also, dad brought up and asked if the scout could be here during the cutting. A definite change from him during the first meet. Told him, "Of course, he must be, its his project. He'll be the one prepping and lining things up to cut, I'll show him how. I'm here to do the things he cannot. Specifically, that's using the saw and router. This is his project, I'm here to assist." Feel better about the direction its going now. Now, whether this is substantial enough for an Eagle project, I still question. Also, I did intend to ask for and look through his project workbook, however he didn't bring it to the meet. And one asked who contacted me first, it was the parent who first contacted me about this project, not the scout. We'll see how it goes... And I do recall this commercial, Mazda's "Dogs ... love ... trucks". What about it?! Lol PS: For background, I was only in BSA for 3 years. Dropped out, as all we did were arts and crafts projects, since the den leader was a mom.
  2. I believe father may be the coach. Haven't seen inside his project workbook, but he did have a binder with him. I'd guess that is the project workbook, and dad said that it needed to be about an inch thick at the end with all of the 'documentation' of the project.
  3. Hi All, Looking for help and direction here. Recently, through a family friend, my name was offered up as someone who could help a scout on their Eagle Scout project. I have a small woodworking shop and the necessary skills to 'assist' on his project. The scout went to their elementary school and asked the principal about needs. The principal came up with a cart to house and move the awards that are given from classroom to classroom, and the principal drew up an initial sketch of the cart with major dimensions. Met with the scout and offered to help on the project. It's simply a small cart with caster wheels, and the cart is essentially a cabinet with shelves inside. Also, a potential drawer was discussed. Told the scout that would be no problem to help out. Also, that I'm an engineer and have access to solid modeling and that we could get it all drawn up, looking good. At the end of the meet, I asked the scout to do some research on drawers, since I haven't done any. Naturally, I can figure out a drawer, but I was looking to get the scout involved more. Days later he emails that no drawer is needed. I reply stating that, come on we could do a drawer if the principal wants one. His parents reply back that 'no, no drawer is needed, the cart is to be from the exact specifications given in the sketch from the principal.' So, I'm starting to get some red flags that this project will mostly be done by myself and that the parents aren't too concerned by this. As I see it: I'll be modeling it all up and knocking out the drawings, turns out he doesn't want to learn or see it only wants the end documents. He'll be soliciting donations and gathering supplies to my workshop. I'll be doing all of the wood cutting. Per BSA safety guidelines he is unable to use the power tools needed, as he's only 14. In addition, father to scout requested that I cut the wood whenever I like and have it ready. I'll also be doing the assembly, as I intend to use the Kreg jig and screw all the sides together with the screw heads hidden, so again no power tool use. He could assist as I clamp and assemble pieces together. He'll be doing the painting with help from other scouts to fulfill the 'lead' requirement. I'll be attaching the finish hardware. He'll be writing up/documenting 'his' eagle scout project, and he'll be presenting it to the elementary school in May during their awards ceremony. Unsure which direction to go with the scout on this. Not sure if this project has already been approved. I highly question whether this is enough for an Eagle Scout project. Any advice is very appreciated, as I'm only at the beginnings of this project with the scout, but I see it not going too well. -EagleVolunteer