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    Cyber security professional. Civil Air Patrol Deputy Commander for Cadets. Seeking info for request to assist local BSA units with Aviation Merit Badges.

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  1. aviationdude

    Aviation Merit Badge Help

    Thanks for the input, everyone!
  2. aviationdude

    Aviation Merit Badge Help

    Greetings, Non Scout here... I'm the Deputy Commander of a Civil Air Patrol (CAP) unit who is working on a plan to assist our local Scouts with their Aviation Merit Badges. We have two aircraft, dozens of pilots, and meet at an international airport... so we're glad to help! For those who have been through this before, I'm looking for clarification on "how" the requirements need to be performed/verified by the Scouts. 1) Who is responsible for for "signing off" that the Scouts completed a specific activity? The merit badge guide doesn't include any certification forms, nor a process to get things checked off. Is this the responsibility of a Scout leader to be present for the training and perform the necessary sign offs, or do our CAP members conducting the training need to sign off on something? 2) For certain "hands on" requirements that we plan on conducting for this activity, such as performing a pre-flight inspection of our aircraft... does each Scout need to individually walk through the process in order to achieve credit, or can it be done as a "watch and learn" activity with a group of Scouts observing and learning from one of our pilots? 3) Similar to question one... One of the items asks Scouts to explain the purposes and functions of various instruments and how they work. Do activities like this need to be verbally recited to someone, or do Scouts prepare a paper report on the topic? Thank you all for your assistance -- I look forward to hearing back!