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  1. Hey, hopefully he doesn't see this, but I've gotten a boy scout leader as a "secret Santa recipient" on a website. The problem is that I don't have much of an interest in camping - or at least not enough to know what to get. My budget is around $100 - does anyone have any good gift ideas? Maybe something I can get someone who's into the wilderness that they can never have enough of? I was thinking maybe a $100 knife, but I don't know. I came to you guys because you seem like a nice bunch of people who may know about what a boy scout leader may want. Thanks in advance!
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    A Good Gift To Get An Adult Leader

    Ooh! Good idea! Is there possibly some directory where I can contact people in someone's troop if I have a name? I don't have a contact off hand. Could work, but I know I would get suspicious if someone asked me about my area of expertise for secret Santa. Thanks! Will check that out! Completely forgot about that. Thanks!