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  1. Regarding equipment, the rangers can supply you a backpack, pack cover, and sleeping pad if needed. Philmont supplies all cooking gear. Bring bowl, spork, and cup. Remember to bring multiple drinking bottles. Any bottle that has been used for anything other than water is a smellable and has to go up in the Oops Bag to keep it away from bears. PASS provides an equipment gear to bring. No need for fancy boots since hiking distance is not long. Only one stream will need to be crossed. Usually can jump across it unless it has been raining. And, if you forget to bring anything,
  2. It is well worth attending the course at Philmont, especially since you are within driving distance. First, you get a small experience of an actual Philmont trek. Go through pack shakedown with rangers, load up your pack, be driven to a turnaround, then hike on actual Philmont trails to do training at an actual Philmont backcountry camp. Usually it is the Lover's Leap camp. Trek group stops at Lover's Leap. (Look it up.) You have to be there to experience it. Our group had ten scouters during our PSR-PASS weekend. Finish up the evening sitting around a campfire talking about Philm
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