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    I became an Eagle Scout in May 2012. I knew I wanted to explore a career in renewable energy so I started working for a startup solar company in 2015. After some time at that company I switched to a large nation-wide industry leader. After seeing the inside of the Industry from both angles, I chose to start a brand new company in California in May 2016. Less than 2 years later we are one of the top 5 companies in the industry and we are growing fast! I would love to find some professional and passionate Eagle Scouts to join my team.
  1. When I became an Eagle Scout back in May 2012 it was the greatest achievement of my life (I graduated high school the day before). However, up until recently it was something I almost never shared with anyone else. I would occasionally leverage the achievement on a job application or on my resume but it was never something I would lead with publicly. It wasn't until I began my role as a recruiter for my company did I realize how valuable it was to have such a strong achievement under my belt. At the time, I would interview up to 10 people a day and in a 30-60 minute video call and try to u
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