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  1. You shouldn't make any program changes. Do what you do, and if the girls like it, fine. Don't become something you're not because someone in head office tells you to.
  2. Go on to escouts and see how 'Project Compass' worked out. That was a new all-singing all-dancing software system we were supposed to use so they, sorry I meant WE, could manage our data better. One of the reasons I was happy to leave the Scout Association. Regarding differences in problem-solving between boys and girls, I don't let them work in single sex groups, so (like in the real world) if they're doing team tasks, they have to use the skills of all present. It's usually harder on the girls, because the boys are louder and more likely to impose a 'solution' on the group. At this age t
  3. In my group, one male was a Scout, two were Cubs and one assistant leader was a Queen's Guide (so equivalent of Eagle Scout for the Girl Guides). The other three, all female, came into it as parents, but stayed. My group doesn't do family camping. Perhaps we should, to bring more adults in. It's hard enough to find weekends when all the leaders are free, let alone getting parents involved too. This year we didn't even have a whole-group camp, because we couldn't get enough leaders together all at the same time. A sensible person might imagine that the BSA had consulted with other inte
  4. My group in the UK isn't part of the Scout Association (the one you've heard of), we're in the Baden-Powell Scout Association. Some of you may recognise the initials BPSA. Our program is here: https://www.traditionalscouting.co.ukWithin the last five years we were in the Scout Association, so I've seen it from two sides. Both associations are co-ed. We've had female leaders since BP was around, so no change there. I work mainly with the Wolf Cubs (8-11). In a Pack of 24, we have 4 girls. I spread them round the Sixes. With girls of that kind of age you can get friendship issues, particula
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