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  1. Any possibility of getting a recipe for Czerninia? I could always google a recipe, but sharing goes a long way. I have to say upon reflection of this thread that those who barked the loudest review fheir words.
  2. No point in responding? What, the crowd put down their pitchforks and torches so you went home? lol. You might want to re-read your comments about how I had ignored all good advice and have done nothing but try to crush two poor moms. But yes, no worries.(This message has been edited by buckytom)
  3. I wanted to add that I just watched a good program on PBS which documented the work of Marie Curie's daughter, Irene Joliot-Curie. It's called "Out from the Shadows: the story of Irene Joliot-Curie". She and her hubby were the creators of nuclear science, that of which we use today. Interestingly enough, some of her parent's work was in Polonium, of course named after her mom's homeland. It made me think that I'd wondered if her mom chose to use Polish to segregate her from other French people? Just a thought. Not a condemnation.(This message has been edited by buckytom)(This me
  4. WOW, I need an eating popcorn smiley, lol. I don't mind if the way this turns out as me needing a "nudging" (I still would submit that those who were contrarian to my views have never been excluded from a discussion by the use of a foreign language from what are supposed to be compatriots while sharing a common space), but I would hope that we ALL learn some modicum of tolerance from it. I'm good with that. Wher'dya ya go Scoutfish and Lisabob? Lisabob? C'mon Clemlaw, you can admit there's a greater wisdom here. (This message has been edited by buckytom)
  5. You betcha, Scoutfish. Btw, for everyone's edification I looked into the term Pole. I asked some of my neighbors, my preist (a Polish immigrant himself who serves at St. Stanislaus Kostka church), and a friend who's a John Jay College professor, and they all said that Pole is not a derrogatory word. Technically Pollack isn't either- it literally translates to a Polish man. Only in America is the latter considered an insult. But a Pole is a proper name for a Polish person. Lol, is anyone still counting how many times I wrote Polish to try to prove a point??? He-hee
  6. Thanks very much, Joebob. You know, I realize that everyone is really trying to help, each in their own way. It's partly my fault for not describing this very well. Oaktree, LOL about the recordings. I would never secretly record anyone just to prove a point to already unhappy parents, but I'd love to. The video camera thing is interesting. I wonder if any of the parents involved would be so chatty when they knew it was being recorded. But nah, it's already all gone to far. The best advice I think is to ask the Polish moms to help the den to learn their language. That would get
  7. Ok, my last words on this. I never once said I wanted to squash, crush, or in any way prevent anyone from being happy in the pack. If you've actually read my responses and what I've done to try to make things better for everyone involved, not incorporating some of the replies into the reality of what's actually happening here, you might see that. I realize now I should have never mentioned the specific ethnicities involved because it doesn't matter. As far as mentioning experience goes, I meant that the few who've gone out of their way to try to make it seem like I was the prob
  8. Oh, sorry if offended anyone with the rabbi reference, I work in TV and it's an old expression from the job that means having influential, powerful friends. I realize now that it was a bad word to choose looking back at how some of you are mistakenly judging me. I'm not upset with those who've attacked me here. I understand it's difficult for some people to find out they have an opinion that is based on little or no experience.
  9. There's no point in arguing this anymore since a few of you want to make me out to be the bad guy. I was in the middle of a difficult situation and came here for help. What I got was some really good advice, and some people who wanted to try to express interesting albeit inexperienced opinions, trying to make a soap opera here as well. Silly me, I first thought I was just not explaining myself well. The policy I was hoping for could have gone either way as far as I knew, so in that I was hoping to be able to tell either group of moms very plainly that this is THE scout rule and has to be
  10. It occurred to me just now that no matter if you sympathise with me or think I'm a prejudiced jerk, I hope those of you who have packs and troops that are well run by good volunteers appreciate such. I will certainly do so, someday.
  11. Sorry Scoutnut, you're correct, I didn't answer that. Bear with me as I explain: when this all began, I had only been involved (back) in scouting as an adult leader for a few weeks. I signed on to just be an assistant or den leader to share this experience with my son, but was immediately asked to become the Assistant Cubmaster because the current Cubmaster wanted to step down at the end of the year and no one else wanted to step up. I did so reluctantly to say the least. I also took over the running of the Tiger den at the time because the chairperson, who was running the den before, jus
  12. Thanks for your opinions, Scoutnut, Sasha, Scoutfish, and Lisabob, backhanded insults and all. My guess would be that most respondants here have not actually had any experience in this particular matter. Scoutnut, the CM runs everything. The Chairperson refuses to turn over the reigns to anyone else, not that there is anyone to replace her. I'm sure we could find someone, however. But then she disappears again for a few months, leaving everything up to the CM to run. If he says split the den, so let it be written, so let it be done (in my best Yul Brynner) Sasha, that's very g
  13. Thanks very much for all of the thoughtful replies, everyone. I'll cut to the chase: it's disruptive for both reasons. The chatting is disruptive no matter who is doing it. I've often had to walk over to or glare at the Tiger table to get many of the moms to be quiet when the sign goes up. But moreso, as both of the Polish moms speak english fluently, they use their native tongue in a way that excludes others. It's a little difficult to describe. One of those "you had to be there" situations. They speak english much of the time, but then break into Polish, and often it's a litt
  14. Does anyone know if the Scouts have any guidance on whether or not adult partners of Tiger Cubs should be allowed or discouraged from speaking foreign languages with each other at den meetings? Recently, it's become a problem in our Tiger den. Two of the moms are Polish and often chat with each other (and each others' kids) in Polish at the table during den meetings. Most of the other moms and the new Tiger den leader feels that it is disruptive and asked me, the Assistant Cubmaster, to talk to the Cubmaster and have us ask them to refrain from it while the boys are supposed to be wo
  15. Don't underestimate Pop Tarts as a viable food source. I remember thankfully eating Pop Tarts at both Philmont and Swinging Bridge Campsite (NY State) years ago, for completely different reasons. At Swinging Bridge, the rain didn't stop from a few days before we got there until the day we left. Nothing was dry, no fire wood to be found at all which our leaders had planned on for heat and cooking. This was before the days of small backpacking stoves. Only the big ol' green Coleman LP stoves were around, and who was going to carry that? After finally getting a few twigs to light,
  16. Wow! Thanks for the replies, everyone. I had no idea that there was so much thought that goes into a subject like this. I had planned on wearing the medals and the Philmont arrowhead (hanging from the right shirt pocket button) patch as both a conversation starter with the boys, and a way to let the parents know that their new Cubmaster wasn't just some shlub that walked in off the street. Not to insult any shlubs that might be reading this, lol. I never thought of it being for self-aggrandizement, but I can see how it could become something of that nature, or at least be viewed as that.
  17. Thanks very much for the info and the welcome, Scoutnut. I have a lot of old patches that I was planning on sewing onto something, maybe a jacket. But it's good to know that wearing the Ad Altare Dei and Palisades medals to special occasions like the Blue and Gold dinner will be within specs.
  18. I recently signed my son up with the Cub Scouts, and after discussing my past in Scouting when I was a child, I was asked if I would like to become the Assistant Cubmaster for the pack. The current Cubmaster is leaving in a year and wanted to train someone to take over at that time, especially someone who will be with the program for the entire term and had fairly extensive scouting experience. My question is would it be within the guidelines to wear medals and/or a button patch that I had earned as a scout on my Assistant Cubmaster uniform? I have a Philmont button patch, a Palisades His
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