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  1. Starting a New Troop

    Thanks Brian. Luckily, all of the ASMs are trained. I'm "the rookie" ... still have some training classes to take. ASM's will be out-of-pocket initially (class B's, flags, website, etc.) to get the troop up and running. We'll reimburse ourselves as dues come in. 1st troop meeting is scheduled for 9/18, 1st campout is scheduled for weekend of 9/30. Exciting stuff! Thanks again...
  2. Starting a New Troop

    Ha ha! Thanks
  3. Starting a New Troop

    Good news, all. Our new troop has been approved by BSA! Our 1st troop meeting is scheduled for 9/18. Class B t-shirts have been ordered and we're off to the races! Thank you all again for your help and feedback.
  4. Class B Guidelines

    Thank you both for the feedback. We're going with a "less-is-more" approach, so shouldn't run into any copyright/trademark issues. Once we have the final version of the t-shirt mocked up, does BSA need to approve it?
  5. Class B Guidelines

    Are there any official BSA guidelines as to images, terminology, symbols, etc. that are allowed or not allowed on Class B t-shirts? Thanks!
  6. Starting a New Troop

    thanks Mash!
  7. Starting a New Troop

    Thanks for the info, sst3rd! We have a verbal from the COR. Starting the paperwork process now. Our goal is to have our 1st troop meeting on 9/18! First campout shortly thereafter. Fingers crossed!
  8. Starting a New Troop

    Thanks for the info, Stosh!
  9. Starting a New Troop

    Thanks qwazse!
  10. Starting a New Troop

    Thanks Eagle94!
  11. Starting a New Troop

    Thanks, Schiff!
  12. Starting a New Troop

    Hi, I'm one of five ASMs from a very large troop. We're looking to branch off with 10-15 scouts to start a new troop. We have a couple of community centers that are interested in chartering us. We also have 3-5 parents that are interested in being committee members. Question to you adult leaders out there who have started new troops. How quickly were you able to get your troops up and running? How much time between filling out initial BSA paperwork to first campout / troop meeting? Thanks!