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  1. Oh, thank you for clarifying that for me! Reading it now, I see what he means. I will definitely look that up on YouTube later today. I will make sure to download the new app, I just saw them advertise it on the 2017 National Jamboree Snapchat. Thanks!!
  2. Thanks!!! I appreciate all of the advice. When I first laid eyes on the Summit map, I was definitely not expecting such a large piece of property (but I don't know what else I was really expecting). Definitely going to emphasize time management at our Troop Meeting. Hahaha not surprised at the markup on stuff at the Scout Store. When I went to Philmont I forgot my pad, and paid $80 for their cheapest one.... one that was regularly $50 at REI. Though I'll still be checking it out for that AWESOME scout eggar. What is a Consol Bridge rock? See it's stuff like this I want to know more about. Maybe I'm missing a guide or something. Also, would you happen to know about Troop/Council rocks they put at the Garden place (blanking on name)? I saw them while going through the 2013 pictures. I saw your other post on Good Jambo, and I would love to help start the tradition! I'll make sure to say it wherever I go, especially over the bridge. Good Jambo!
  3. Thanks! With so much to do, there's no way I could not plan each day.Thankfully we have Event Truly to help us out. I will definitely try my best to make sure everyone is having fun. I said that I would make sure that everyone was friends with one another and got the most out of Jamboree if I was SPL, and I don't plan on not fulfilling that vision.
  4. Centennial Jamboree, how fun! I will definitely be bringing earplugs now that you've mentioned it. As for the walking though, I don't know if I'm too ready for it, but at our Troop meeting this week I'll make sure that everyone has good, broken in boots, as well as checking waters every morning at Jamboree. As the saying goes, "Hydrate or Die!"
  5. Hello! I'm currently a Life Scout heading out to Washington D.C. and then West Virginia in the coming weeks, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me about their experience from their past Jamborees. I'm looking for anything really- share a story, tell about a particular experience you had, a special program(s) that you wished you had known about before heading off to your Jamboree, any tips, etc.- there are no limits. I need to get a general feel of what I should be expecting for Jamboree and my Contingent, especially since I want everyone to have a good experience and to get the most out of their time at Jamboree. I know that National Jamboree has a website too, and while it might have some pertinent information, the advice and the things they tell you about Jamboree are too broad for my taste; I tend to enjoy other's interpretations, tips, and stories rather than reading something that tends to be textbook. Thank you all in advance!