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  1. I don't think the guys going shirtless around camp was inappropriate at all. As several others said, I always saw going around shirtless as part of the fun summer camp experience. I am glad to see that most commenters here felt the same way, although I wonder how this has changed over the last 7 years. It does seem to me that I am seeing an increasing condemnation of guys going shirtless in a variety of contexts. Believe it or not, I actually came across a blog post recently that addressed this issue (which is how I wound up stumbling upon this old thread in the first place, looking into the
  2. I definitely think that hand writing and letter composition are important skills we need to make sure we are not neglecting in instructing the next generation. I would even go so far as to defend cursive. Watch this TEDx Talk by the eloquent and talented Jake Weidmann, and I think you will begin to understand:
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