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  1. Sandthecool12

    New SPL. I need a little advise and help.

    Thank you for that Col. Flagg
  2. Sandthecool12

    New SPL. I need a little advise and help.

    Hey y'all thank you for the feed back. To answer some of y'all's questions. I have seen the SPL hand book before when my brother was SPL but I can't find it. Yet one of the old SPL's has it and is giving it to me. I will read it front to back to help me. Thank you for suggesting it. And I've never read or seen Troop Leadership Training course qwazse. I'll look for it. KenD500 I've gone to NYLT before and loved it. It has been almost a year and I will be going to NAYLE this year and I'm very excited about that. And finally MattR thanks for the questions to ponder. I will defiantly do the calendar thing. I think that would be a great idea to get ideas for camp outs. I have another question for someone to answer. My troop as relatively small we have 2 patrols. I was hoping before my "Term" is up i was hoping to get 1 new scout patrol. To do that I need to invite people to come. But i have to ask. What has been y'all's most efficient way your troop have invited people to come to the meeting for example invite friends, go door to door, hand out flier, have an "Open House" exc. Thank you -Sanders
  3. Hello, I'm new to this forum and sense I'm a new SPL and the SPLs before me haven't done much for the troop, I think, I hope y'all can help me. Sense I've started being an SPL about 4 weeks ago I've started doing PLCs because my troop have never done PLCs and I was hoping y'all can help me figure out how to plan it so it can be as efficiant as possible. I was also wondering if other people can come to the PLC such as instructors, OA rep, exc. right now i just have SM, SPL, ASPL, PL and scribe coming. Also is doing one camp out a month asking too much. That is all my questions right now thank you for reading this. -Sanders