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    Powder Horn Award

    They said that if he is really interested, he could look at maybe getting with another Troop and seeing if they are interested. The leaders even offered to contact a few of them to see if they wanted his assistance/services.
  2. MMEZest1997

    Powder Horn Award

    His first uniform did not have a button under the left pocket either, but there was one on the right side...strange. We solved this problem because he has grown out of that uniform and he took one of our uniforms that fit him and we just made necessary adjustments with his patches. My son's uniform was bought on November 20, 2013, so it's not too old of a uniform. The shirt he is now wearing (my old shirt) was purchased in/around 1999/2000. He does have the older version - not the pin - so it sounds like we should maybe purchase another dangler just in case of damage to this one before they phase them out?
  3. MMEZest1997

    Powder Horn Award

    Thank you both! He did received the "old version" that hangs from his pocket and covers his rank. None of his leaders said anything other than congratulatory remarks and praise for a job well done. His troop here is really less than active and most of the times, when he wants to do something (Merit Badge University, Scout Camp, etc) he is the only one in his Troop that wants to do it, so he usually has to go provisional. Not a single other member of his Troop went to camp last summer and so far, only 2 others have registered to go this year. He loves being a Boy Scout, but wishes the rest of his peers were as interested in it as he is. Unfortunately, most are there because their parents want them to be there so you have several 17-almost-18 year olds struggling to finish the requirements for Eagle in the 11th hour. He wants to assist as a Den Chief for the Cubs, but his leaders say no because the Cubs program has never had Den Chiefs. It's very frustrating...
  4. MMEZest1997

    Powder Horn Award

    My son (Life Scout) recently graduated a Powder Horn course. He was awarded the PH device. He was told that this hangs from his left pocket, but given no other guidance. He is now wondering if it is okay that it hangs down in front of his Life Scout patch? His leaders don't know as no one in his Troop has ever attended and we cannot seem to find any information governing youth graduates. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. MMEZest1997

    New here; not new to Scouting

    We used to be in Texas, but after a stint in Europe for several years, we now find ourselves in Florida. It's quite different, but it slowly growing on us.
  6. MMEZest1997

    New here; not new to Scouting

    Hello! I have been a Cub Scout Leader off and on for the better part of about 18 years. My husband has been associated with the Boy Scouts in some form or fashion for about the same time. I have a 14 year old son that will be doing his Eagle project in a few weeks. He also has NYLT this summer and just completed Powder Horn. We love Scouting and the things it teaches. We look forward to meeting and discussing all things Scouting with other like-minded folks.