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    I joined Boy Scouts in November of 1964. As the son of a longtime Boy Scout and Scouter, and grandson of a Scouter, I am surprised that I didn't join Boy Scouts a year earlier when I turned 11; but Dad and Granddad wisely let me come to the BSA on my own rather than pushing me to join. Thanks to a superb troop program and nine weeks (3 summers) at Scout summer camp, I made Eagle in September 1967, and then switched over to Exploring where I remained until aging out. I became a member of the OA's Musketahquid Lodge in June of 1967; and I received the Vigil Honor 3 years later. College, law school and marriage meant that I started a hiatus from Scouting in the fall of 1977; and I did not come back in until 15 years later when my son became a Tiger Cub (he made it as far as Second Class, in Boy Scouts, before losing interest -- his interests were more like those of my wife than like mine). When my son left, I stayed in; and over the years I have helped over a dozen Eagles leave the nest. I have been a staffer on two Canadian jamborees (and would be staffing two others if circumstances had permitted/will permit. Currently, I am the chief woods tools instructor at the New England Base Camp near Boston; and after I retire from my current troop, next year, the Base Camp will be my main Scouting interest.