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  1. . . . and who could possibly quibble with such a strong defense! LOL
  2. Appreciate the advice. The issue ties in to a council reorganization, adjusting district boundaries to balance volunteer resources. At times, there is an issue with being able to attend activities in other districts, due to size limitations of the chosen venue (camporees, klondike derbies).
  3. Not certain that this is in the right thread, but here goes: Let's say a scout unit's chartering organization is located in District A, but it meets in District B. Questions include: - what district is the unit a part of? - which district executive supports that unit? - at the time of recharter, is the unit supported by the staff of District A or District B? Finally, does National have any policy on this? The questions arise due to adjustment of district boundaries; among other things, some units believe they will no longer be able to participate in activities co
  4. Follow up question to the Campaign hat thread - anyone know why National Supply decided to stop selling replacement hatbands and straps for these hats? I have a few of them, and would like to spruce them up and award them to deserving scouts. As I understand it, though, sometime in 2014 BSA stopped selling them. My guess is that they felt they were undercutting sales of the $99 hats; that may be, but seeing as the hat itself can be pretty durable, it seems that the intent is for me to toss my perfectly serviceable hat, just because I cannot replace the band. Well, actually I can - one
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