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  1. OK so let me go through thse to respond.. CR-yes I'm the Chrater Rep and was asked to be the eCharter rep by this org since I'm already one for a sister organization as well as the IH there. Yes, only an IH can appoint the Charter Rep, but the sketchy thing here is that it involves a career move unit which was started before any Charter was obtained, then walked away from by the professional staff. Blackballed form district and council. Yes, I know it actually sounds like a pretty sweet deal with the level of beingvoluntold most leaders getinto. But the issue here is that we have aroun
  2. OK, I'm reticent to even consider bringing this up since our council has had MAJOR issues before and when a bad member of the previous professional staff was complained about for some unethical things said, the volunteers who reported him were immediately blackballed from having any position on anything with council and were told they wouldn't be "allowed" to volunteer anymore. OK, so now the present. We have a brand new, very young, DE who came in and seemed like he was going to be very motivated and good. After all, he was a eagle scout and had held various major leadership positions in h
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