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    I am the proud mother of two amazing Scouts. The eldest is in the final steps of becoming an Eagle and my Cub is very excited to be beginninging this adventure as a Wolf.
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    Religious reference letter for Eagle

    Hello Gentlemen! My son is in this very predicament, as I am the primary driving force in the Religious Education of my children. I am uniquely qualified to do so because I have held the position of Director of Religious Education at two different congregations, both were temporary positions, but I have brought much of it into our home. Unfortunately, our church of choice (both 1st & 2nd, actually) are nearly an hour away each. This makes it difficult for us to make it, save for the occasional special event. We are Unitarian Universalists and were VERY concerned with this particular expectation. My Life Scout had pretty much resigned to the fact that he'd not be able to complete his Eagle due to not attending a congregation routinely. We were overjoyed last March when the BSO & UUA signed the MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING: (http://www.uua.org/re/children/scouting/memorandum-understanding) Due to the distance I mentioned, none of the current leadership at either of the churches we only occasionally attend have been able to interact with him as much as they'd like to in the last few years, which leaves me for writing that Religious recommendation. What can I expect? Should I include the memorandum? Or would that be too much? He has worked SO very hard on this and I want things to go smoothly for him. Thank you for your time.