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    Hi everyone!

    Hi all -- I've been in Scouting for many years (started off in Pack #108 and then got my Eagle Scout rank in Troop #888 - both in Enfield, CT). Now, my role in scouting is a little bit different as I serve on the Seneca Waterways Council's Risk Management Committee and support the Jamboree with emergency management down at the Bechtel Summit. I also still have a somewhat active role in Alpha Phi Omega (I served as president of the Xi Zeta Chapter at RIT for a time)... Beyond that, my brother and I started a subscription box specifically for scouts (called SCOUTbox) that we're interested in sharing with folks on this forum. No sales pitch or anything here, just interested in your feedback, ideas, and support... Since we haven't launched yet, we're hoping to hear your thoughts on whether or not this is a good idea for scouts (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cubs, Explorers, Venturers, etc.). Feel free to contact me here or check out the Facebook page or website for more info. Thanks, all - looking forward to learning from you and hearing more about your experiences! -Chris