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  1. Stephan.M

    New to forum still first year in scouting.

    Thank you for all the comments and suggestions. Perhaps I should elaborate some about the situation. I'll start with the cub pack. It was dropped by the previous CO about a year ago an found a new home just before my son joined it as a Webelos 2 I took the den leader position. It took until last month to get the pack charted. Through this time we have had no real committee. Needless to say it has been a very steep learning curve. But thanks to some great leaders in this council I have gotten some great help.I have gotten some great training. In person on line and Gilwell field. I have been excited to watch my son's and his fellow scouts growth in scouts. He loves the being in the outdoors as do I. And he is very excited to cross over.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm a relatively new scouter. The pack I'm in the year before my son joined fell apart. When we joined we had 5 den leaders. We are now down to me the Webelos leader. My son is crossing over in may but I've been asked to take CM for one year to get the pack started back up. That I don't mind to do as a good cub scouts unit will feed the troop. However I have been recruited by the CO of the troop to take over as SM. I have agreed to take an ASM for the new scout patrol for the first year to learn the ropes. The present SM who wants to retire stated that he will hang around for one more year. Does anyone think I'm biting off to much?