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  1. I am afraid that I can do anything more... possibly, if could be helpful anyhow, I can make some bigger scans (in higher resolution)... will be glad even to send this card to the right address, if someone would like to investigate. I just planned to frame it and place it on the wall with other prints / paintings / photos I have. @ Tahawk... this could be easily some kind of promo piece... that is even more possible than this is some kind of notebook cover.. because any kind of handbook or instructions will have some title on the front cover. Also, from that time, even notebooks have ha
  2. Thank you, TAHAWK! You have done a great job with finding this article
  3. Yes, that is Mr. David C. Scott. I have contacted him on his e-mail address (found on his official web site), and he was so kind to reply me on my e-mail and to write his messege here, too. He wrote a couple of interesting books, and I will look forward to read them. @@Stosh - I don't know what to say... a lot of unusal facts and contradictions are connected to this paper. For example... if it is has been published in 1930-ies, or in 1940/50-ies, as CalicoPenn says, why someone will use info and standards (and a photo) which have been actual for a very limited time a decades before that?
  4. Thank you very much (once again) for the help, Mr. Scott!! So, folks... it looks that the mystery has been revealed
  5. @ quazse - It could be a front cover of the flip book, but I will place my bet on a blank flip note-book... not on the any entirely, or partial printed manual-type "notebook". Possibly a flip note-book with a blank papers, which should have been torn-out at some time and used for a message to the "chief" to be written on them?? It is pretty large... 20 x 13 cm (8 x 5 inches). I am not sure that both emblems and the official name of the BSA should have been used without their permission? If it has been made by some local organization, I suppose that info will be placed somewhere
  6. @ Krampus - thank you for the tips. I am not sure is it smart to contact an bestselling author (as Mr. Scott is) about this single one, probably unsignificant, paper? I will need to think about it But, thank you for the advice! @ RememberSchiff - thank you for the details which I didn't find out. On the printing is visible publisher: "POWERS ENG CO"... which is also known as "Powers engraving company" from New York. I have tried to Google out "Boy scouts" and "A message to the chief" together... and I didn't find any other sample of this card mentioned anywhere. Also, they way that it is
  7. Hi! Thank you for the welcome and for the detailed observation. Yes, I have also noted the high number of the world members ("enrollment over 2 million boys" and "active world membership" are not exactly the same terms)... also, it is refered to the "Boys Scouts of the World" organization (?)... nowhere is mentioned the official name or abb. of the World organization founded in 1922. ... which should be mentioned if the card is printed after that year (especially so late in 1930-ies. The leaflet (in fact it is a card, about 1mm thick) is printed by "Powers Eng. Co" from New York... it
  8. I am unable to date this old leaflet... I suppose that is from the very early years, because on the back side is specified the date (February, 10th) which makes me think that later only the year (1910.) has been important is such a kind of ephemera. But, that is just my thought. Any idea about the year from which is this ephemera?
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