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  1. I understand that the Scouts BSA uniform for girls is slowly arriving at the Scout shops. Does anyone know if the Scouts BSA uniform will be the norm for adult leaders in the future--women and men? The Scout Shop still has men's Boy Scouts of America uniform shirts. Will they simply start selling the updated Scouts BSA uniform shirts when the current stock is gone? Regards, Oak
  2. Barry, Yes I have read the SPL and PL's handbook and freely give them out to all. You're right though, not all the adults are onboard yet and I'm still not the acting SM. It's true that the only ones that can affect change in a troop is the SM, COR and CC. I have to be patient while trying to steer this aircraft carrier. I'm dealing with years of "this is how we've always done it." I expected push back from adults, but I was really surprised when I spoke to the PLC about Scouts choosing their own patrols. They looked at me like people who were just released from a gulag after 50 years. No
  3. Yes I've been planning on doing some sort of ILST that focuses on the patrol method. I've led ILST before with another troop that was in worse shape. I realize that the training doesn't stop with just one weekend event. That's one of the parts that's been missing from current troop--any sort of training. It's just assumed that they'll figure it out and it's not working. Nothing works and it turns into chaos and not the good kind where the Scouts are managing it. Beavah-I'm going to Wood Badge this weekend. I had my eye on Bobwhite, but maybe Beaver is more appropriate. Thanks for
  4. We have about 40 Scouts on paper and maybe 20+ show up for campouts. Troop meetings are probably in the average of 30. We are not strong in the Patrol Method and that's the first place I need to focus. Our troop is not used to patrols acting as a defined group that cooks, eats, cleans, sleeps together etc. We've been run by the herd method where patrols don't have any meaning. On campouts patrols always mixed because two would show up from a patrol. There was never any patrol identity. It didn't help that patrols were appointed by the SPL instead of letting the Scouts form their own patrols.
  5. Hello, I'm new here. I am wondering if anyone else has come across this one. My son and I joined a new troop a year ago. I threw myself into it and now I am the next Scoutmaster. I've read everything I can get my hands on and listened to all of ScoutmasterCG's podcast at least four times now. I've never come across the standard practice of our troop. For each campout, a PL is designated for leading that month's trip. So all the trips logistics are on the PL and on the campout, everyone looks to this PL for direction. Our current SPL is fine with this practice, because it's what he is used to a
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