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  1. Greetings, I'm new to the forum and was surprised to find that the local/external blog section was looking pretty inactive. Anyhow, I've added my scout-centric website to the external blog link. The Quartermaster Archive is an experiment. It's topics of focus are scouting, literature, and music, which were my primary interests when I was a scout in the 1990s. I'm trying to examine the strange intersections between these three subjects. For example, a recent post discusses JD Salinger and his novel The Catcher in the Rye. It's a minor detail, but Holden Caufield briefly describes his
  2. NJCubScouter, I took News Reporting 101 in the spring of 2001. Print media hadn't yet entered its death spiral but it was on the horizon. In 2004, I got my first paying reporting job and the newswire was entirely online by this time. No print at all. This company was a start-up, backed by British venture capital. It sold to to Pearson, owner of the Financial Times, for hundreds of millions of dollars. Pearson flipped it again several years later. I'm pretty sure I missed the Golden of Age of American journalism.
  3. SSSscout, Unfortunately by the time I landed a paying job in journalism it had already gone online. Before that, however, I volunteered in the news room at a radio station that was still using reel-to-reels and quarter-inch magnetic tape. Lot's of cutting and splicing happened there.
  4. Greetings, A little bit about myself…I joined the Boy Scouts in 1992, attended the National Jamboree at Fort AP Hill in 1997, and made the rank of Eagle Scout in 1999. I'm originally from New Jersey, where I participated in the scouts. I spent a decade living in New York City, then two in Texas while I attended Texas A&M University, followed by three years in Milwaukee, WI, but now I'm back in New Jersey. A few years ago, I found myself conducting research at the National Boy Scout Archive in Irving, Texas. I'm a former journalist and went to the archive to examine the scout new
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