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    Hunting, fishing, competitive sporting clays shooter, camping, teaching scouts and others outdoor skills. reading, travel, history.
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    From Pensacola Fl. Lived most of my life in Pace FL. Did USMC tour in 85-89'during Marcos revolution in Subic Bay. Assigned to 2nd Platoon, B Company, Marine Security Forces COMNAVUSPHIL. Subic Bay. I was injured by shrapnel under my knee cap and subsequently finished my tour stateside. After that, I Earned a Forestry degree, Solon Dixon Forestry school/ Pensacola state college/Auburn Univ. Worked until retirement as a Forestry Firefighter/Forest Ranger/Wildlife management at Florida Forest Service. and Briefly as a Structural Firefighter for PCB FL Fire Rescue. Obtained Rank of FF/Engineer, LT, Asst.Chief, And the Then District Fire Chief. while there Obtained a B.S. History/Sociology Degree from Fla State Univ. After retirement I Have worked as the Disaster Director/Emergency Manager for the American Red Cross, Where I am still the liaison to the Emergency Operations center during activation assigned to EF function 16, mass care and sheltering operations. Currently reside with my wife Amy and son Ian in a very rural area on the Choctawhatchee River, just North Of Panama City Beach Fl. I am currently the Scoutmaster for Troop 323 My Son is A Life Scout in the troop and started there as a cub. I was a assistant Scoutmaster for 2 years there before becoming scoutmaster for the last 3. I am also a shooting sports merit badge counselor with the council, as well as a counselor for various other merit badges.
  1. I think I'll throw my hat in this as my humble first post. I am both a MBC and A Scoutmaster. As a counselor I consider it my job to be sure they understand the material. Not quiz them on it at completion and then deny them the badge if they don't know the information. I recently participated in a MBU. I see nothing wrong with them, as long as pre-req's are completed, and there are understandings that some badges will result in partials, even at MBU's. I would also like to say that requiring 20 nights of camping per Rank would be untenable. I don't like to put Scouts in a position of "Scout
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