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    OA Ceremonial Costumes (and Principle Character)

    I am an explorer from 30 years ago who helped make 2 of her brothers bustle outfits and 1 old timers outfits. As an Explorer I was able to dance and i have my own women's outfit that I am willing to sell. I do know that my brother sold all of his outfits. My suggestion would be-if you can find a complete outfit that fits your needs, look at the overall price, and then figure out what the individual "ingredietns" will cost you and then figure in your time. My brother hand a belt, headband, and chaps out of 13cut beadwork that my mother and I beaded. It sounds good that "we need to build the costumes ourselves, however, it is usally mothers and other people who end up doing the work. My brother was the scout, and out of well over 300 hours put into the project I don't think he put is 5 hours. I say buy if you can so your family members will still be talking to you when you sell the outfit dirt cheap 2 years after you slaved over the project