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  1. Help! What help should we be able to get from our district? What training should be availabe, and how often, from our council. I feel like our CM is fighting a losing battle. Our council webpage gives little resources. I want to help, but I work fulltime as a nurse and can't devote the time needed. When we started (from scratch) in September, the CM and I were gung ho, ready to have the best pack ever. It's just our CM and two other leaders now that are actually putting their all into the pack, and we're struggling severely. Little help, no organization, clueless on plans, etc. CM is ready to give up. DE says don't quit, do this, do that, etc, but offers no real help. District Commisioner says google it. PWD coming up, and all we have done is bought the car kits. We have no track, no scale, and absolutely NO clue how to do this. B&G will be coming up soon too, and some of our kids are so far from rank that it's nearly unobtainable. Our tigers (the majority of the boys) are behind too, but not nearly as bad as the older boys. Our Webelos scout hasn't done but maybe two achivements, but he just started in November, and we had a month break over Christmas, Anyway. Point is, CM is ready to throw in the towel. Any suggestions would be great!
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